WooCore, the popular e-commerce design set initially developed for OxyNinja, is now compatible with your Core Framework projects.

It offers an array of impressive sections tailored specifically for WooCommerce.

AJAX-ready elements like mini cart counters and toast notifications enhance the user experience.

WooCore includes essential WooCommerce pages like Cart, Checkout, Account, and Shop pages. Additionally, it offers a wide selection of uniquely designed Product Archive and Single Product templates to meet your specific e-commerce requirements.

🚀 How to Use:

  • Install Core Framework

  • Install Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce

  • Install WooCommerce

  • Add the .core file

  • Add the design set key

  • Adjust Global Options or import our recommended JSON

  • Import your Sections!

✅ Best Features:

  • All WooCommerce pages are built with care

  • Mini Cart Counter

  • Mega Menu

  • Responsive Product Filter

  • Custom-made Toast Notifications

👇 Ideal For:

  • Small Stores

  • Large E-Commerce Stores

  • Apparel/Jewellery Websites

  • Technology Websites

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Key Points
  • 17 premade templates
  • 8 full pages
  • Mini cart
  • Ajax powered
  • Checkout design
  • WooCommerce Set
  • Mega menu
  • Carousels
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