Violet UI Kit

Ui Kit

Violet is a versatile design set for Core Framework, featuring 150+ unique sections. It offers both a dark and light theme out of the box and includes expandable navigations, JavaScript-based progress bars, and customizable tags using data attributes.

Our mini documentation provides clear instructions for customization. Each section is responsive and crafted with care, and is the perfect backbone for your website projects.

🚀 How to Use:

  • Install Core Framework

  • Add the .core file

  • Add the design set key

  • Adjust global options to your needs

  • Import your sections!

✅ Best Features:

  • Expandable Navigations

  • Animated Progress Bars

  • Editable Tags using Data Attributes

  • Mega Menus

👇 Ideal For:

  • Personal Websites

  • Agency Websites

  • Product Showcase Websites

  • And way more...

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Key Points
  • Dark / Light theme
  • 150+ Sections
  • Animated progress bars
  • Expandable navigations
  • Multiple mega-menus
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